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MK: I will post due dates for assignments on this Home Page. Team members can use this home page for general notes, or planning, but work on specific assignments should be done on the appropriate page for each project.

Visual Essay Brainstorming:

Any other ideas?

I love this image above. I really like the light cube.
It made me think about motion and movement. What kind of light do trains give off as they travel?
Then I thought about moving cars on a freeway. What about light in transportation? In relation to the beautiful picture above? Then I moved to traffic lights... thoughts? I got kinda into my image research so there's a lot of images below... where should we go for the project?

I think the train/freeway idea is great. I think we should incorporate both the light cube and train idea. We need a way to connect these pieces of work into Olafur's work. I'm having trouble thinking of how we are going to do this. I started adding some captions for "Your Rainbow Panorama." Also, I'm not sure how to center text. anyone know?

Thank you. I think that incorporating the two is a great idea. I really like the new pictures, video, and the captions.
If you go to the text color pallet, in the left corner next to the underline option, click that. Choose the alignment that you prefer.
How did you align and space the images vs. how close they are together (in the images below?). ------ Basically you click on the image and a bar comes down at the bottom. You can +/- the size and align the image as well.

Ok, so we have a nice segment for our main piece, but now we have to connect it to our other art piece, like trains/freeway.

We can make the connection to trains to the Rainbow Panorama in the way that when trains or cars pass in photos or in real life they create a beam or line of light and colors. The Panorama gives people experiencing the exhibition the opportunity to slow down and take in the colors that are usually flashing by in instants.

^^^^^ I really like this idea. I'm going to organize some of the pictures. Could someone else add captions on this thought.
So I finished organizing everything. Visually, it looks pretty good. All we need are a few more captions about the trains and freeways and then were done.