Pinhole Project, step one.

Feel free to work on this as a team, or individually.
Due by midnight, on Thursday, October 13th. October 14th is a school holiday, no class meeting.

Research and respond to the following questions. Add images with captions, embed vides, etc.

What is a pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera is a camera that has no lens and uses an individual small aperture. Essentially, it is a box or structure with a small hole on one side. Light goes through the small hole and is projected as an inverted image across the hole on the opposite side of the box.
The smaller the pin hole, the image will be sharper, however, the projected image is dimmer.

Look at some images made with pinhole devices. (Google search).
I think this is a pretty amazing example:

What are the characteristics? (Colors / tonality / focus / etc.)

Look for some examples of "SLIT" pinhole photographs. Add a few images to this page, and comment.

Look for some examples of photographs made with multiple pinholes (two or more punctures making a compound lens). Add one of the best to this page with a caption.

Here are a few images of handmade pinhole cameras. Add one or two more.
lavazza-espresso-coffee-can-pinhole-camera.jpg pinhole_camera_a_09.jpg

Some of the challenges...

Loading light sensitive material one shot at a time
constructing a mechanism that will allow you to load roll film, and advance it without opening the camera.

Getting the right exposure. How would you solve that problem?

And, drilling the pinhole with precision. What materials / techniques would you need to know?

If you were going to build a pinhole camera which design would you choose? Why?

Add image of best design...

Here are some cool pinhole pictures I found:

What draws my attention to these images the most is the landscape and dimension of the scenery. It captivates space very well and it feels as though you are standing inside the image. Color wise, they all use a full range of greys to successfully
accentuate shadows and lighting; geographical line seem very crisp and precise.

Here are two multiple pinhole photgraphs:


These images are not as defined and clear as the other images. The subject matter is not as clear.

I prefer the regular pinhole photographs over the other ones.